Reg.PRO protein powder

Original flavor (Box)

● 14g protein, 85Kcal
● 4.4g BCAAs(2.2g Leucine contained)
● 2.4g Glutamine
● 2g Soluble dietary fiber
● Low phosphorus/Protein ratio
● Tryptophan free
Original flavor (Box)

Reg.PRO Protein powder

Golden Ratio in Whey Protein: Casein: Soy Protein = 5: 3: 2, Good digestion, easy

to absorb, complements whole amino acids.

● Complete protein source to help body protein synthesis.

● Provide branched-chain amino acids (leucine, leucine, valine), glutamic acid,

   arginine and taurine to maintain the physiological function and enhance physical


● Low phosphorus/Protein ratio about 10.14 and None tryptophan would NOT worse

   renal function


 85 Kcal/Serving

 14 g protein (66% of total calorie)



+ Reg.PRO Protein powder Indications

 Physical weakness

 Improving nutritional status after illness

 Need additional protein

 Weight management

 Reg.PRO Protein powder (24 g/bag) dissolved within a few warm

    water (55 ℃ below) and then added to 200 ml for drink. For adults

    and children 2-3 bag daily.

 Store at room temperature. Once opened, cover ,refrigerate and

    use within 24 hours.

 Oral Feeding: May be used for supplemental nutrition. May be fed

    at room temperature or chilled.

 Tube Feeding: Follow physician’s instructions. Adjust flow rate,

    volume and dilution according to patient’s condition and tolerance.

    Avoid contamination during preparation and use.

 NOT for IV use 

 NOT for milk and soy allergy