Sweet Corn Flavor (Can)

Reg.SU complete nutrition powder

Complete and balanced nutrition for everyone daily health, which is high-protein

and combining 50% Whey protein and 50% Soy protein.

● More than 30 kinds of nutrients, containing high soluble fibers and resistant

   starches, less sugar added.

● Enhance BCAA (branched chain amino acids)、Taurine、 Glutamine and Arginine

   profiles for people with easy to fatigue and physical weakness.

● Adequate Zn, Mg, and Iron for maintain normal metabolism.

● High quality fatty acids distribution, free of trans-fat.

● Suitable for lactose intolerance.


Products safety proved by SGS Taiwan LTD.

*SGS Taiwan LTD. is certificated by TFDA.

 250 Kcal/Serving

 protein 18%; carbohydrate 52%; fat 30%.


+ Reg.SU complete nutrition powder Indications

 Physical weakness

 Improving nutritional status after illness  

 Need additional protein

 Weight management

 Reg.SU complete nutrition powder (60 g) dissolved within a

    few warm water (55 ℃ below) and then added to 250 ml for drink.

    For adults and children 1 cup daily.

 Store at room temperature. 

 Oral Feeding: May be used for total or supplemental nutrition.

    May be fed at room temperature or chilled.

 Tube Feeding: Follow physician’s instructions. Adjust flow rate,

    volume and dilution according to patient’s condition and tolerance.

    Avoid contamination during preparation and use.

 NOT for IV use 

 NOT for milk and soy allergy