ReGen CR100

Red Bean Flavor

Sugar free, good for stabilizing carbohydrate metabolism and catabolic needs.
● Medical nutrition support for managing carbohydrates and calories
● Enriching chromium 100mg for glucose tolerance and lutein for vision
● Supplementing calcium, iron and dietary fiber
● Containing 36 nutrients and essential amino acids
Red Bean Flavor

ReGen CR100 Diabetic Low Protein Supplements is a complete nutrition supplement for diabetic problem population. Sugar free with great taste to improve nutrition supplement effects for those people frequently dinning-out or unbalanced diet with diabetic problem. ReGen CR100 Diabetic Low Protein Supplements support carbohydrate metabolism and physical needs by daily supplement.


 Complete nutrition profile

All in one nutrition supplement with enriching chromium, lutein, calcium, iron and soluble fiber. It’s an easy way to obtain all nutrition from one can with safety assurance.

 Enpower physical strength

Enriched essential and conditional essential amino acids (branch chain amino acids, arginine, glutamine) and vitamin B complex to support physical strength.

 Maintain nervous system health

Supplementing vitamin B6, B12 and Mg to fulfill daily nutrients needs.


Products safety proved by SGS Taiwan LTD.

*SGS Taiwan LTD. is certificated by TFDA.

 Energy Density: 1.05 Kcal/mL

 Marconutrients energy ratio: 16% Protein, 39% Lipids, and 45%


 All nutrients are based on Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)


Diabetic Low Protein Supplements

 unstable glucose/carbohydrate metabolism and diabetic problem.

 Nutrition support for discharged or weak patients

 poor or imbalance intake

 dysphagia or liquid/soft diet

 Two cans daily is recommended. Shake well before use.

 Directly heating is prohibited. Keeping in boiling water 5-10

    minutes is preferred for warm drink, if need. 

 Please keep in fridge less than 24 hours if you cannot drink all

    once after open. 

 Please keep products at proper condition and temperature

    without collision.

 The product contains milk, soybeans and related ingredients.